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What do you think about Bankmed's pioneering environmental program ?
Climate nature and the environment are Lebanon’s key features and major reasons that attract tourists and bring back the expatriates Unfortunately several factors including war fires pollution and neglect have resulted in damaging this environment Building on Lebanon's recovery and stability and following the instructions of His Excellency the President of the Republic General Michel Suleiman along with the efforts of some ministries the Central Bank of Lebanon and civil society organizations active efforts have been deployed to improve and support environmental and development projects Knowing the importance of a clean healthy environment specifically in Lebanon a country blessed with a beautiful nature that makes it unique amongst its Arab and regional neighbors and in recognition of the responsibility towards the community to which Bankmed proudly belongs to the Chairman and General Manager Mr Mohammed Hariri decided to launch a pioneer environmental program throughout 2009 and 2010 This program includes studies and action plans aimed at taking care of the environment the cleaning and rehabilitation of various sites and locations across lebanon in collaboration with relevant ministries and institutions involved in civil society
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I think that it is a very important step towards a better environment. A step that other banks should follow.
Haytham Sawma added these pithy words on Nov 16,2009 at 08:40
I think they are doing a good job to protect our environment with their brilliant ideas and I hope everybody will help them succeed their program. Let's go green !
Patrick added these pithy words on Nov 16,2009 at 07:50
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This site was published by Bankmed in collaboration with Ms. Cathy Tyan
from World Environment Magazine in an attempt to educate
the community about preserving the environment.